General Moving Tips

Assess what you need to take with you, then DONATE, RECYCLE or Throw out Toxic materials (Batteries, paints, cleaners, propane, flammables, bleach, Mercury ) Old Electronics Old Books, CD's/DVD's, magazines and newspapers Metals and wood from previous home repairs Unwanted Furniture

Moving Tips

Non-Allowable Items for

Fireworks, Fire Extinguishers, Fertilizer, Darkroom Chemicals Cleaning Solvents, Chemistry Sets, Charged Scuba Tanks, Charcoal/Lighter Fluid, Car Batteries, Ammunition, Ammonia, Aerosol Can, Fuels/Oils, Household Batteries, Kerosene, LOADED GUNS, Matches, Nail Polish/Remover, Paint Thinners, Paints, Pesticides, Poisons, Pool Chemicals, Propane Tanks, Liquid Bleach.